Luxury Complete Thermostatic Shower Kit In China

Luxury Complete Thermostatic Shower Kit


Luxury Complete Thermostatic Shower Kit 
With a designer oval plate, the Luxury Complete Thermostatic Shower Kit is geometrically beautifully from the start. This Thermostatic shower kit offers thermostatic showering via three easy handles to operate controls, top handle controls Top shower head, middle one controls temperature and bottom one control slider rail kit. Iit completes with matching ceiling oval shower head, oval wall outlet, and oval designer riser shower kit.

Product Features - Luxury Complete Thermostatic Shower Kit 
• 4mm Brass chrome oval cover plate.
• Original Spain Sedal® Thermostatic Cartridge.
• Chrome plated brass thermostatic valve body.
• Chrome plated brass ceiling Shower head and shower arm.
• Oval shape sliding riser shower kit.
• Solid Brass material, Chrome finish.
• EPE Box packing per set.

Product Size - Luxury Complete Thermostatic Shower Kit 
• Cover plate size: 320*150mm
• Thread connections size: 1/2".
• Shower head size: 230*160mm.
• Shower arm length: 180mm.

• Thermostatic Triple Shower Valve
• Brass Shower head.
• Brass Shower ceiling arm
• Brass Wall outlet
• sliding riser shower kit

Please Note
• Flush the pipework of debris before connecting.
• Cleaning of the surfaces should be done with warm soapy water and dried with a soft cloth.
• Household cleaners should not be used on maintenance.