Hotel Electric Heated Towel Rack In China

Hotel Electric Heated Towel Rack


Hotel Electric Heated Towel Rack
This electric towel warmer is the perfect reflection of your sophisticated style. Shower and spa areas, baths, sauna areas, exercise rooms, and even bedrooms are accentuated by this luxurious accessory, providing you with the soothing comfort of a warm towel after a shower, sauna or exercising. Uses low wattage energy for optimal running efficiency. Wall mountable.

As well as warming your towels, your towel rail will keep your towels dry and fresh. In fact, you can even use your towel rail for heating robes and blankets as well as drying laundry items and garments which you do not want to put into the tumble dryer! 

Product Features - Hotel Electric Heated Towel Rack
• Outer Finish: Polished, Material: Stainless Steel
• Wall mounted in Round tubes design.
• Other size: Bespoke Size & Design accept.
• Tube size (mm): 250*610*250mm.
• Compliancy: CE, ROHS, SAA 
• Guarantee: 2 Years
• Includes: Fixing parts
• Box packing per set.

Product Size - Hotel Electric Heated Towel Rack

• Size approximately: 250*610*250mm
• Towel Warmer box


• Hotel Electric Heated Towel Rack
• Fixing kits