Dual Exposed Thermostatic Shower Valve In China

Dual Exposed Thermostatic Shower Valve


Dual Exposed Thermostatic Shower Valve
Complete the traditional look of your bathroom with the Dual Exposed Thermostatic Shower Valve. Suitable for all types of plumbing installation this shower valve has the added safety benefit of a built in anti scald device should the cold water supply fail. Additionally this valve has a safety button stop at 38 degrees centigrade for safe showering which requires a conscious decision to override to higher temperatures.

Product Features -Dual Exposed Thermostatic Shower Valve
• Manufactured to the Highest Standards.
• Heavyweight Brass Construction.
• Polished Chrome Finish.
• Concealed or Exposed Models Available
• Built-In Anti-Scald device.
• Foam Box packing per set.

Product Size - Dual Exposed Thermostatic Shower Valve
• Total depth approximately: 133.0mm
• Thread connections size: 1/2".
• Cover plate size diameter: 195mm. 

• Dual exposed Thermostatic Shower Valve
• Decorative Cover plates.
• Fixing kits

Please Note
• Flush the pipework of debris before connecting.
• Cleaning of the surfaces should be done with warm soapy water and dried with a soft cloth.
• Household cleaners should not be used on maintenance.