Chrome Brass LED Kitchen Faucet In China

Chrome Brass LED Kitchen Faucet



  • Special design high quality LED faucet with three beautiful colors.

  • Waterpowered, No Battery and electronic connection needed and the light only works while the faucet open. There is a micromoto inside the faucet and it can supply power to the LED light.

  • Temperature sensored: LED turns green when under 28°C, turns blue when between 28°C - 38°C, turns red when between 38°C - 48°C and flashes when higher than 48°C.

  • Light colors:

  • 0-28℃: Blue

  • 28-38℃: Green

  • 38-48℃: Red

  • <48℃: Red (flashing)


  • Faucet Total Height: 42 cm

  • Spout Height: 25 cm

  • Spout Length: 22 cm

  • Installation Type: Centerset

  • Valve Type: Ceramic Valve

  • Material: Brass Body with LED HandShower

  • Finish: Chrome

  • Shipping Weight: 2.0 kg


  • Faucet comes with all necessary accessories for installation. Faucet is easy to install, even if you have never installed one before.

  • All of our faucets are guaranteed not to leak, due to their durable ceramic valves.

  • A long service life means that our faucets can be used 600,000 times without problems.

  • Each of our faucets have been tested at high pressures to ensure that they are durable and of high quality.

• Pull out LED Kitchen faucet.
• 2 Flexible Hoses.
• Fixing parts.

Please Note
• Flush the pipework of debris before connecting.
• Cleaning of the surfaces should be done with warm soapy water and dried with a soft cloth.
• Household cleaners should not be used on maintenance.