Manufacturer in China for Shower Heads, Shower Arms, Shower Systems, Shower Combo, Shower set, Shower columns, Shower Panels, Shower Drain, Grab Bar, Shower Accessories, Shower Faucets, Thermostatic Shower system.

1418777956140219.jpg  HOMEST BATHROOMS is a leading bathroom products manufacturer and shower accessories vendor with more than 15 years' experience of bringing our customers a wide range of top-quality bathroom products while having established themselves as the market leader in this industry.

Homest began with producing Bathroom products in 2004, at 20000 sqm covered modern production facilities and in a short time has taken its place among the leaders in the industry. We effort to supply the most elegant and the most functional products to our customers through extending and developing product range in every year.

We guarantee and support our products with our expert and trained employee, product guarantee and followed & applied quality policies.

We develop and improve our products and services everyday with constant feedbacks from our customers.

Across three continents, our arrangement of global operations ensures customer connection and fresh local perspective. Our network in China, Florida, USA and Dusseldorf, Germany offer attentive and timely customer service and support.

Remaining at the very peak in terms of production quality and the technical parameters of products requires continuous technical and design development in addition to modern production technology. For this reason, we employ leading technical experts who enable us to regularly expand the production range, perfect existing products and improve other technical, utility and aesthetic properties. We are also constantly expanding our production program to add new brassware models and wholly new technology and products. In order to enhance the performance of our products, we use SEDAL Cartridges, NEOPERL Aerators for our Luxury Faucets, French VERNET Thermostatic cartridges or Spain SEDAL Brand for thermostatic shower valves.

Thank you for choosing us! Your success is our success!